Comfort and Convenience Systems in West Chester, PA

Outfit your vehicle with modern amenities and conveniences without going back to the dealer! Banghart's in West Chester, PA, offers the latest innovations in automotive technology at a great price. Turn to our expert installers for:
Heated Seats
Back-Up Cameras
Integrated Garage Door Opener
Integrated Navigation System
TextBuster Systems
Dash Cams
USB Ports and Audio Inputs
Entertainment Systems
Proximity Sensors
Reverse Cameras
...and much more!
These systems can not only increase the safety of your vehicle, but can help to give you a convenient, more enjoyable ride.
Heated Seats

Our heated seats install underneath your vehicle's existing upholstery and are connected to a button that can be installed on your dashboard, for a completely seamless experience.
Dash Cameras

Have the upper hand in any automotive incident. Our dash cameras can record anything and automatically saves video for you to pull off it's memory in the event of a crash or the involvement of law enforcement or insurance officials.
Backup Cameras

Our cameras can integrate into either your rearview mirror or a existing screen to give you a live feed of the rear of your vehicle, making parking and parallel parking easier than ever before.
Call Banghart's today at 610-696-5555 and update your vehicle with the latest technologies!