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Custom Mobile Audio

Whether your vehicle's sound system is in need of repair, replacement or enhancement, Banghart's in West Chester, PA, has knowledgeable and experienced technicians that are happy to assist you in achieving all your mobile audio needs. We offer services ranging from factory blown speaker replacement, to complete Hi Fidelity Lossless Audio Systems. Do you want to recreate audiophile acoustic quality sound or add mind rattling bass to shake the mirrors on the car next to you? Let us make your vehicle's sound system reach it's potential. We dedicate ourselves in achieving your goals!

Our Services Include

  • Audio System Diagnostics
  • Radio Replacement
  • Factory Radio Repairs
  • Factory Screen Repairs
  • Factory Amplifier Repairs
  • Antenna Repairs
  • Digital Sound Processing
  • Fiber Optic System Repairs
  • Factory System Upgrade
  • Factory System Integrating
  • Factory System Interfacing
  • Complete System Replacement
  • Speaker Replacement
  • Subwoofer Replacement
  • Amplifier Replacement
  • Powered Subwoofer Installs
  • Amplifier Installs
  • Subwoofer Amplifier Packages
  • Charging System Diagnostics
  • Charging System Repairs
  • Tweeter Installs
  • Audio System Analysis
  • Lossless Hard Drive Installs
  • XM/Sirius Sat Radio Services
  • Audio Tuning Services
  • Bluetooth Streaming Installs
  • USB Audio Port Installs
  • Custom System Installs
  • Custom Subwoofer Boxes
  • Amp Racks & Motorization
The products we sell are used and recommended by our technicians; proven reliable, install after install. We carry all of your sound system component and accessory needs.
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Head Units
DVD Touchscreen Radios
Navigation Radios
Sound Processors
Line Drivers
HD Hard Drives
Bluetooth Amplifiers
Powered Subwoofers
As new products are always being developed, contact us for close-outs & clearance items at significantly reduced prices! Interested in something not listed? Give Banghart's a call at 610-696-5555 today!